MFRC Meeting 2nd June 2019 

In addition to our regular Sunday afternoon meeting on the 2nd June, we will be having a short church service in the morning at the  Cambridge University Multi Faith & Reflection Centre (MFRC) and the Community Room at the West Cambridge site.

We'll meet there at 10:45am and finish by 11:45.

1. Take the A1303 (Madingley Road) west out of Cambridge city.
2.  Turn left and go down JJ Thomson Avenue.
3.  Turn right and go along Charles Babbage Road.
4.  Park in Car Park 8 (see map below), which is  opposite the entrance to Schlumberger (the building with the white ‘fabric’ roof, also known as “High Cross”), which you can access by entering (code 2019) on entering (and possibly exiting )the barriers.  
5.  Make your way south and then east following the yellow highlighted route in the map below to the MFRC, which is on the west side of the back of the Hauser Forum (see the pictures at the bottom of this page).

 Helpful stewards in bright yellow vests (imported straight from France) will guide you.

Here's the site map:

West Cambridge Site Map

This is the front (north side) of the Hauser Forum:

Hauser Forum front

This is the back (south side) of the Hauser Forum: the MFRC is just off to the left hand side of this picture:

Hauser Forum back