It’s difficult on a web site to express what NLC is actually like, but if our church could be summed up in just a few words, these are the ones we’d choose:

Holy Spirit-led: we try to follow the Holy Spirit in whatever we do, both in our daily lives and in our meetings together.

Worship-minded: we believe that “worship is a lifestyle” and we gather on a Sunday afternoon as an expression of that. Our hope is that our meetings are the overflow of open hearts worshipping God.

Family-centred: the idea of “church as family” runs through everything we do. NLC is built on strong relationships between caring people living, laughing and crying with eachother. Just like a family!

Youth-focussed: our children and young people are not the future of Christ’s kingdom; they are the present, with fresher legs! God has blessed us greatly in our work with young people, particularly through our Tribe youth group, and we have learned so much from them!

Accountable: NLC is accountable to, and guided by, the Global Horizons group of churches.

Mission-minded: we seek to be actively involved both here and overseas in sharing the Good News of the Gospel.

Outward-looking: our focus is not just local; through Global Horizons we serve and support needs within and well beyond the UK.